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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 14, 2010 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," thank you so much for spending your weekend with us. tomorrow, fox and friends will have a special interview with president george w. bush. brian and steve sat down with the president. this is fun stuff. >> alisyn: we'll watch it tomorrow and we want to thank matthew west, log onto fox and go to our "after the show" show and he'll sing another song for us. we appreciate it. >> dave: see you back here, next weekend, 6:00 a.m. have a great week. say bye, maria. >> bye! >> jamie: and this is a "fox news alert." good morning, everyone, i'm jam jamie colby, it is an historic day on capitol hill, the freshman class are arriving, right now, less than two weeks after the election victory. >> eric: the newly elected members learning the ropes and bringing along new ideas to shake up the system and try and reform the house. this morning, there is a battle under way between republicans and members of the tea party.
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depending upon which side they choose today, that could pave the way on the issues in which they stand in the future, let's go to the fox senior producers at the house of representatives with the latest and what is going on with the battle of the freshmen orientation today? can you hear me? we may be having -- >> reporter: you have members of congress starting to come into the plaza hotel, 12 to 15 have come so far, yes, i hear you, eric. >> eric: go ahead. >> reporter: sorry about that. we have probably 12 to 15 members of the freshman class who have come in so far and are being checked into the lenfant plaza hotel, getting blackberries and laptops and one of these which might be the most important thing, the facebook, there are almost 95 members of
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the freshman class and it has everybody's pictures, learning who everybody is, is really tough. now, one of the biggest challenges now for the republicans coming in, are competing groups, going after the soul of the freshman class and the tea party patriots have an event today and invite many of the freshmen there and the freshmen themselves put together an event at the capitol hill club, the republican national club, just off of capitol hill, and they want to meet and greet and get ideas, talk with one another and there is the constitutional congress, which has a forum going on today, with john shaddag, and, jim demint and the freshman are torn between the three events, and john warner, senators from virginia told me one time, we don't do a lot in congress, but when we do it, we do it all at once and some of the fresh money i talked to today -- freshmen i talked to said they'd try to go to all three, from one to the
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other to the other and the tea party patriots, particularly, inflamed members of congress, because they handed out e-mail addresses and phone numbers and many of the blackberries, in their pockets, were im exploring them to come to their event and if you go to the capitol hill club event we're going to be very upset. because, we are afraid you will be indoctrinated and co-opted and we don't want that. already there is a very almost titanic struggle going on between the tea party patriots and the members of congress, bill flores, a fresh money elect, beat chad edwards in november, said he'd go to the capitol hill event to meet people and, he fired a shot across the bow to the tea party patriots, chastising them for sending out all of the e-mails and giving out their e-mail addresses and asking people to come and get them and already,
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there is tension on the republican side here, and, so far everybody is getting checked in and they are meeting one another and packing and getting bags unchecked and it is the start of a long week here in washington, d.c. for the freshman class of 2010. >> eric: chad, tea party patriots versus the g.o.p. establishment, and they haven't even been sworn in yet. let alone even met each other, at the lenfant plaza, thanks very much. >> jamie: the battles in washington, are kicking off as chad told us, the g.o.p. groups competing over the new members of congress, will voters already be able, though, to tell how those they've elected will act once they take their seats on capitol hill. joining us now, sam young, white house correspondent for the hill, to talk about that. sam, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: how much do you read into the choices that are made today. by these freshmen, with whom they meet, with whom they collaborate with, to give us a sense of their direction?
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>> they they're cool new popular kids in time and everybody wants five minutes of their time, what is more important is how do the voters who send them here read it. tea partiers have little patience for lawmakers who are co-opted by inside washington politics, and, it will be interesting see how these members strike the balance. >> jamie: how much pressure is there on a freshman giving the state of, affairs in in washington and our nation. >> there is a great deal of pressure and, the pressure yields the reality of washington. i think, tea party backed candidates might find a new empathy for president obama, whose liberal supporter have been greatly disappointed he has not been able to change washington but the poetry of campaigning yields to the difficult reality of governing. >> jamie: what goes into the decision of these freshmen?
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they are rookies, so to speak at least to the washington political scene. what goes into them deciding where they go today, since they have these competing events? >> this is a whole different type of animal. i'm not sure i'm ready to start reading the minds of this freshman class. but, if they are anything like most lawmakers the first thing that goes through their mind is how did they get reelected. >> jamie: already. >> it starts right away, two years is the blink of an eye for a congressman and they have to start raising money and have to start thinking about what they want to do if they want to keep their job two years from now. and unfortunately that is not what voters sent them here for. >> jamie: we'll talk later in the next hour, actually, about what the approval ratings were before the election, and after. a stunning discussion we'll have coming up. what i want to ask you, the impact of those who are there, who actually get seated during this lame duck session, some of them will begin their work before the first of the year.
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how important is this group and the choices they'll make in that lame duck session? >> well, there are still democratic majorities in the senate and house for the lame duck session, that said, everyone including the white house is very aware that there is an incoming republican majority voters did largely reject what was going on inside washington. so, i think, it is a chance for the freshmen democrats -- excuse me, republicans, to show right off the bat, what they stand for and who they stand with and there are a -- a lot of the early battles are symbolic but it is a way to get on the record, to say they remember why they were sent here. >> jamie: we washington watchers, would love to be a fly in the room, and some of the meetings are closed and some of the loengcations are not even disclosed yet and the tea party one, for instance, was very hush-hurry. what do you expect to go on,
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anything surprising. >> the first step is trying to bring everybody together, unity and hillary clinton and barack obama going to unit nate, new hampshire to try and rally everybody around the cause, around the party. and there will be a great deal of that going on in the first few days and weeks as john boehner and the republican leaders try to get everybody on the same page as much as they can. the real strength in having a majority comes in being unified and, promoting your agenda, or, in this case, largely opposing that, of president obama. >> jamie: powerful group, anything different about this class of freshmen, than in years past? >> well, i think, just like high school, every freshman group is different. i think, what will be fascinating here is the way this freshman class can really shape the identity of the national republican party. it is really an identity crisis and, heading into 2012 is not what the g.o.p. would like to see. it will be a real challenge for the republican leadership to try and balance the needs of these tea party candidates, and, how they are beholden to the
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constituencies, and, trying to move the caucus together as a whole. >> jamie: sam, good to have you on, i appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> jamie: have a great day. >> you, too. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: a "fox news alert" for you now, the u.s. military just releasing a new taliban training and recruiting video. what is different in this new video the production values seem to be higher, and the man you see on the lower left of the screen there, talking, is calling for a funding from the gulf states an asia. a first. and, the military says, parts of the video actually show an 8-year-old -- 8th grade boy, who is in 8th grade, supposedly being used as a homicide bomber. we'll have much more on this tape, what it means, and a live report, from afghanistan, just ahead. also in afghanistan the country's president issuing critical words for the u.s. military. hamid karzai saying the u.s.
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must reduce its military operations there. including night operations, raiding private homes, he says to reduce the visibility and intensity of our military effort. does this help or hurt our effort. joining us as he always does on sundays at this time, a former ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor, john bolton. >> good morning. >> eric: has the taliban been whispering in karzai's ear or does he have a point. >> it certainly sounds like it. if you ask the taliban what formula they would like to see to enhance their prospects of hanging on against u.s. and nato forces, that would pretty much be it. i find this very disturbing and i think probably ties into president karzai's efforts to negotiate with the taliban. which i think will under cut the military efforts. so, as part of that pattern i would be worried about this. >> eric: the president said there were one or two high-level
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meetings, he had a meeting three months ago, in which they had a, quote, exchange of ideas for peace. you know, some would say that may not work militarily and you have to sit down with the taliban. >> well, at some point, perhaps, but, it is certainly not now, general petraeus, while being cautious, has been up beat in his reporting about military successes against the taliban in recent months and we're coming up to a critical obama administration review of our policy in afghanistan next month, early december. and, this is exactly the wrong time to reduce military pressure. the best time to negotiate with the taliban was when -- on the run militarily and, they have little choice, if we let up on the pressure now, it is entirely to the taliban's benefit. >> eric: you say it is the wrong time to basically pull the rug out from beneath us. here's part of what president karzai said to the "washington post." quote: i think ten years is a long time to continue to have military operations. the time has come to reduce
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military operations, we'd like the afghan countryside, villages, homes, towns, not to be so overwhelmed with the military presence. ambassador it sounds like he perhaps is reflecting what you are saying. >> well, i think that is what the taliban would like us to believe and, you know, it fits right into the views of many in the obama administration. reflected in the president's own statement when he announced the increase in u.s. forces that he would begin substantially withdrawing those forces input summer of 2011. so, it almost fits into a pattern of -- preconceived pattern that the u.s. presence is going to be diminished but that is essentially handing the victory to the taliban and, a very disturbing sign, if president karzai's really moving in that direction, as he seems to be. >> eric: when you say handing the victory to the taliban. that is in your view happening now and what will happen next july when the draw down begins and 2-3 years from now?
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>> the taliban have obviously heard president obama, they'll follow the policy review very carefully. obviously, if they believe the united states and other nato forces are going to draw down substantially beginning next year, they will not press and risk their own forces, they will wait until militarily they have the upper hand and then it will be difficult, if not impossible, for us to sustain what we have accomplished already and i think it risks throwing pakistan into instability as well and putting the nuclear arsenal in pakistan, very much at risk, and, falling into the hands of taliban and al qaeda. so, this is a very poorly timed statement by the president and if i were the presidents, coming back from his trip to asia, this is the first thing i would turn to. >> eric: what would you think the president should say to him? bottom line when we have these types of statements, karzai in your view, can he be trusted? >> i'm worried about the direct he's taking with efforts to negotiate with the taliban and i
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think we have to put it to him straight, sending special envoy richard holbrooke in to give him the message in undiluted form this is not the time to show weakness to the taliban. this is the time to back general petraeus and our forces and deal them as much of a blow militarily as we possibly can. >> eric: general petraeus says there is, quote, substantial progress, and we'll see how it goes the next year, am bar, always good to see you, and, i see you're not in washington, down in palm beach on this sunday. >> it is tough duty! >> eric: all right. thank you. >> jamie: another "fox news alert." a conclusion to a story we have followed here at fox. a british couple held by somali pirates for more than a year are free. check out these pictures of them getting off the plane. paul and rachel chandler, appear to be in good health. the pirates releasing them today after they received a ransom of about a million dollars, most of it raised by private donation.
10:15 am
more than a year they were held and the chandlers' freedom was negotiated by a somali who had been working on it for some time and after their release, they met with somali's prime minister. rachel chandler quoted as saying they were held in difficult conditions. adding it has been a very hard year and are now heading back to kenya and, eventually, back home to the u.k. >> eric: absolutely amazing. he's been known for stopping drunk drivers on the road but now, one deputy, well, he was stopped himself. wait until you hear what police say they found that cost him his job. >> jamie: folks were told the seafood from the gulf following the massive oil spill is safe to eat. are you still worried about it then? dr. isadore rosenfeld is here and "sunday house call" with the answer. if you have a concern. we had a mouse. what? don't frk, it's gone. who did it? i did. with ortho home defense max. guaranteed to kill the mouse.
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>> eric: deputy sheriff finding himself on the other side of the law. again. after being busted for drunk driving. look at this, dashcam video from new mexico and it shows, they say, the deputy driving erratically, so he stops at the gas station, and goes to fill up his front tire with air, and, that is when the officers approach him and, they ask him
10:20 am
to take a sobriety test and his blood alcohol level, they say was twice the legal limit and they found opened and unopened beer cans in his car. >> i can't believe this. i can't believe this. >> eric: the sheriff says he served a year long rehab program after his first dwi arrest, three years ago. he has now resigned. >> jamie: the clock continues to tick on the bush era tax cuts, pressure sure is mounting on the president's january deadline as it fast approaches and fox news's chris wallace sat down with white house senior advisor david axelrod, pressing hard, for answers on this crucial issue. >> we have to extend these middle class tax cuts, absolutely have to do that. we should do that permanently. give people the security of knowing their taxes are not going to go up. that would be important for the middle class and important for
10:21 am
the country. we cannot afford to go the additional step, and, permanently raise -- cut taxes, primarily for millionaires and billionaires, at a cost of $700 billion, for the next ten years alone. >> jamie: and joining me now, the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace, i'm very good you got the interview, because it was somewhat confusing this week, hearing that david axelrod was saying one thing, yes, we'll compromise, and then, maybe not so much and what did you get out of the interview? >> chris: what i got out of the full interview is that i think there is going to be a compromise, and the compromise is going to be a temporary extension of all of the tax cuts. i mean, that is what you are hearing there is their campaign position. but, if you read between the lines, they are basically saying we have to deal with the republicans and have to deal, quite franklies, with some democrats, who have jumped ship as well, so i think you will see a temporary extension, somewhere between 2 and 4 years of all of the tax cuts. >> jamie: 2 and 4 years,
10:22 am
interesting. the thought being that this could play a role in a re-election, do you think? >> chris: no. i think it is more the white house doesn't want to have a permanent extension of all of the tax cuts, and, were they to extend them all permanently it would be seen as a direct breach of the campaign promise they made and what he said during this campaign, a temporary extension, you know, is bowing to political reality and, you know, things will change so much in the economy in the next couple of years, and, there's a possibility of major tax reform, that that is really all you have to do, is to kick it down the road for a few years. >> jamie: your thoughts on this, this week some in the liberal base said the tax cutsed that been in effect, the bush tax cuts, did not create jobs, that is partially why we are where we are. do you buy it? >> chris: no. i mean, you are asking me personally? i think the bush tax cuts made things better than if there hadn't begin and the fact is, yes, we ended up in the
10:23 am
financial crisis and they didn't protect us from that but when you consider what happened with 9/11 and katrina the country took a lot of knocks and the bush tax cuts helped keeping the economy going despite all of those knocks. but, on this other hand, did it prevent the financial melt down, no. but, the real key is, the left is going to be -- and were quite unhappy when axelrod seemed to give away their final hold card this week, they were willing to compromise, not that they don't understand it will have to be a compromise but would like something in return and quite frankly with the liberals -- what they'd like to see, if you extend temporarily all the tax cuts, we should have an extension of unemployment benefits and maybe that is where the compromise ends up. >> jamie: and before you know it. we'll know, january is not far away. thank you so much, chris, we'll check out the program and the interview. good to see you. >> chris: and let me quickly say, jim demint we talked to as well. >> jamie: always interesting to talk to him, too. thanks, chris, good to see you.
10:24 am
tune into fox news sunday, don't miss it! more of his interview with david axelrod, as you hired, jyou hea demint as well and one of the tea party favorite senators, that would be jim demint, check out your local listings, don't miss it. >> eric: they have been missing about a week now and there are new details in the search for the family in ohio. what police found in the family's home that indicates something violent may have taken place there. plus if you ever smoked, coming up, dr. isadore rosenfeld will have important medical advice, that could save your life. i'm a random windstorm. shaky! shaky! and if you named your own price on car insurance, you could be picking up this tab yourself. so get allstate. [ nnis ] dollar for dollar, nobody protects you from mayhem like allstate. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber.
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>> jamie: president obama on his way back to washington, after a ten day visit to asia. the president attending the summit there and also visiting the great buddha statue. also, a trip started in india, he made stops in indonesia and south korea, for the g20 summit. there are new details, in -- a
10:29 am
missing family from knox county, ohio. the sheriff there saying they discovered a lot of blood in them to of 32-year-old tina herman, herman, her two children and a female friend disappeared on wednesday. her truck found abandoned on a nearby college campus. ♪ >> eric: time for "sunday house call," with us as always is "sunday house call" host, dr. isadore rosenfeld, the rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center in new york city and he's our favorite and is always here on sunday and we love having him. >> happy to be here. i want to remind you, that this is national diabetes month. and, if you have any relatives who have diabetes, or if you wondered about your own blood sugar, or if you think you have symptoms that may suggest diabetes, see your doctor, have a blood test, it may save your
10:30 am
life. >> eric: that is where we listen to his advice, and, first topic this morning, has to do with smoking. do you still smoke? or just recently quit? the doc has advice to get a ct lung scan. doctor, why get that, and especially if you quit. >> it is very important. a few weeks ago a saw a patient of mine who had been a heavy smoker years ago, and he hadn't smoked in ten years. but, prior to that, he smoked two packs a day. all his chest x-rays had always been normal and i persuaded him to go for a ct scan of the lung. that showed a small, early cancer. we operated on it, we saved his life. now, there is a new study out that people who are smokers or who have been heavy smokers any time in the past, should have a
10:31 am
screening lung scan. that is much more accurate and much more important than a regular x-ray. a regular x-ray is not enough. the latest data show that if these former smokers and current smokers have these lung scans the risk of dying from lung cancer is reduced by 20%. so, don't wait to do it, do it now. >> eric: doctor, very important, ct lung scan, thank you. >> jamie: a lot of people want to know about the vitamin e supplements and many of you may be taking it to prevent heart disease, there is a risk, though, believe or it not, vitamin e? a risk? >> for years, americans love vitamins. they are more interested in vitamins than they are on their diet and a vitamin is a quick fix, b, e, c, doesn't matter what you eat. now, vitamin e has always been a
10:32 am
very popular vitamin. there is this concept or belief that if you take lots of vitamin e, you are protected against heart attacks. well, there is some interesting new information that you ought to know about. it is true that vitamin e reduces to some stents the incidence of a certain kind of stroke. and the latest data show that the same dose of vitamin e , increases the risk of another stroke, another kind of stroke, a hemorrhagic stroke by 22%. here's the bottom line. my advice to my patients, and my advice to you, is that unless there is a special reason for you to take that vitamin e, i would not take that supplement. >> jamie: that is a surprise. thanks for letting us know,
10:33 am
doctor. >> talking about diet, eat seafood, a lot of people worry about gulf seafood since the oil spill last spring. is it safe to eat now? what is your view on eating seafood from the gulf. >> you know, i'll tell you the news about this and i'm going to have to let you decide yourself what you do. the fda has just released a study. they analyzed samples of seafood, taken from the gulf, from last june, to september. they found that every form of seafood they tested was perfectly safe. there were no contaminants, to oil, no dispersants that had been used to get rid of the oil, they say it is perfectly safe, to eat that seafood. that is the official government position. but i think you ought to know that gulf residents and
10:34 am
fishermen do not agree with those findings. they believe that the government has not tested for all of the dispersants that were used and the chemical called propylene glycol, which can affect the fish and other seafood, was not tested, and is presents in large amounts. so, the people living on the gulf and the fishermen there, do not agree that the seafood from the gulf is safe. the government says it is. you make up your own mind whom you trust. >> jamie: i don't want propylene glycol in my diet, doc. what is it. >> the dispersant used to get rid of the oil. >> eric: always ask where the seafood comes from. >> an interesting problem. it's an interesting problem, we love seafood. and, i generally trust the fda, and the government.
10:35 am
and, is probably okay. i am worried that these other people don't agree. >> jamie: we'll talk about cold and flu season, when we come back, before we go, still time to get the flu shot? >> always. right until february. >> jamie: what should you do, though, if you are treating your child when he or she is under the weather? thinking cough medicine or maybe honey? the doctor busts a myth, coming up next. plus, the taliban, raising the stakes now, with the new training and recruiting video, what it means for our troops, who are so bravely fighting in afghanistan, we have a live report from kabul, that is also straight ahead. we are glad you are with us. [ male announcer ] it's simplehysics...
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>> eric: he's in the pokey the rest of his life but bernie madoff's stuff brought him big bucks, for the victims of his ponzi scheme. the contents of the con man's luxury manhattan penthouse went up on the auction block in new york city yesterday.
10:40 am
and, the steinway baby grand, $42,000, the huge ring and bernie madoff's boxer shorts an socks and slippers were up for grabs, if you want to wear 'em, you better wash 'em, shorts and socks, $1700! an anonymous bidder paid the highest price in the auction for the diamond ring, 10.5 carats, brought in $550,000. he gave to it his wife, ruth and the auction raised $2 million, all told, which will go to the 3,000 clients, who cheated in that ponzi scheme. but, now, he only wears a prison suit. ♪ >> jamie: welcome back, everybody, okay. we'll go over here, now, we are here, time for myth or fact, i'm following along, i have had my coffee, doc, you toll us it is okay, i tell everybody every sunday, grab your coffee and join us.
10:41 am
what is better for cough and colds, cough medicine or honey? i like the natural approach, first. >> all right, hon. >> chris: -- all right, honey, let me tell you what i think, don't rush to stop your child's cough. it is a good way to get rid of excess mucus and if your child is coughing and bringing up mucus, don't try to suppress it. if you do, should you use honey or some of the cough medicines? many people think because, you know, honey is available, it is cheap, and so on, it's not as effective as a cough medicine, the fact is, that a couple of teaspoons of honey is a very, very good cough suppressant and you shouldn't have any hesitation about using it. in a recent study, as a matter of fact, it was found that the honey was more effective than the decxtromahoraphan, but ther
10:42 am
is one warning, never give coffee to a child under this age of one -- coffee! i mean honey. honey contains spores of botcholinum, few, if not many and kids over 2 can deal with it but if you give on the a child under the age of one you run the risk of inducing the serious diseases and that is something frankly, that i learned only recently. and i wanted to pass it on to you. >> jamie: i have to ask you this question, for someone who is allergic to bee stings, if your child is going to be allergic to bees, could the honey cause them any problem, if there are spores. >> i don't believe so, off the top of my head, i don't believe so. >> eric: we'll get back to that one, but, not below one year-old. >> in small amounts and kids under the age of one, can't handle it. and, can be put into danger. but, children older than one,
10:43 am
who have cough respond very well, to honey. >> jamie: that is great. good alternative, thanks, doc. >> jamie: dr. rosenfeld get tons of e-mails every week and reads every one of them and sometimes answers them himself at home and, the first e-mail today. it has to do with leg cramps, what causes leg cramps, at night? is kauquinine an effective treatment. >> people pronounce it differently, but leg cramps at night are very very, common, there are many, many different causes for it. i think the -- probably the most common cause is dehydration. people don't drink enough fluids, and, their muscles need enough fluids in order to contract well. sometimes people get leg cramps if they are -- have a defect in minerals, calcium, magnesium, potassium, if you have chronic leg cramps, have that checked
10:44 am
out, by your doctor. there are many ways to deal with it. you stretch and so on and everyone has their own way of dealing with the leg cramp at night. but, here's a very important point to know. for years people have been taking quinine, five milligrams a night and it is effective against leg cramps. however, the fda has banned it for that use. and the reason is, that it, which incidentally is a very effective anti-malaria medication, it can cause abnormalities in your blood and produce abnormal blood clots. it's a dangerous drug and a lot of people say, it helps my leg cramp, give me a prescription for it and the fda withdrew it for that purpose.
10:45 am
don't use it for leg cramps. >> eric: all right, doctor. >> jamie: we know a balanced diet including vegetables is great for your figure. but can it also do something for your brain? you have my attention, doc. dr. rosenfeld tells us about the power of beets, when "sunday house call" returns, next. into romantic. . ♪ an accidental touch can turn rdinary into sething more. moments can change anytime -- just like that. and when they do men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. alis for daily use is a clinically proven, low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready ytime the mome is right. tell your door about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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10:49 am
>> eric: it's not thanksgiving and the first major storm of the winters season has already hit. across the twin cities, hard. crews in minnesota out in full force, this sunday, trying to clean up the roads there. some areas, had more than a foot of snow and 60,000 people were left without power and the storm affected air travel, as dozens of flights were delayed. or cancelled. ♪ >> jamie: more "sunday house call" for you, we know vegetables are good for us but did you know your brain can benefit as much as your waistline? doc, tell us about it, beets? >> you know, most people are so worried about getting
10:50 am
alzheimer's disease. i think in my own practice that is the thing that worries people most, they forget where they put their car keys and are not sure they can remember everything. use a wrong word and so on. let me tell you, there are certain things that make you more vulnerable to alzheimer's, than others. a high cholesterol will not, is not associated with an increased risk of alzheimer's. smoking is. let me tell you something else. regardless of all of the ads that you see, in my opinion there is no treatment for alzheimer's. in my view, and in my experience, none of the medications which are advertised for the benefit of -- improving memory work. we have no cure. but, there are certain things you can do. the latest observation is, that foods that are rich in nitrates, nitrates, increase blood flow to
10:51 am
the brain. because, the nitrates are converted to nitrites which dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the brain. one good way of getting these nitrates is in certain vegetables, cabbage, celery, leafy, green vegetables and the latest observation is that beet juice, drunk every day, can improve the blood supply to the brain. now, there is a very interesting question. does increasing the blood supply to the brain, prevent alzheimer's? theoretically, it does. i'm not sure it does. but, it seems reasonable for you to consume these foods, like beet juice, like these leafy green vegetables, to increase the blood flow to the brain, and that may help delay the dementia later on. >> eric: if it is beet juice,
10:52 am
does that work like borscht? >> yes. >> eric: that could be a treat. do you use a breathing inhaler? the question this morning is, you want relief from the sickness leading to another. what happens if you use the breathing inhaler. >> steroids like prednizone have many, many wonderful effects and are used for many diseases. inhaled steroids are excellent for relieving an acute asthmatic attack. there is nothing worse than having a severe asthmatic attack when you can't breathe. you take the prednizone steroid, it relieves it. the temptation is that if this inhaled steroid relieves the acute attack that you should take it between attacks, to prevent them from occurring. also, people with chronic lung disease are tempted to take these inhaled prednizone...
10:53 am
prednizone inhalers to prevent acute attacks. my advice is, use these inhalers for the acute attack but do not use them to prevent attacks. the reason is their chronic use increases the risk that you will develop diabetes. and if you have diabetes already, the use of these prednizone inhalers will worsen the diabetes. so, use them, for the acute attack and not in between. >> jamie: thank you, doctor. there is more ahead, because, tomorrow's monday and dr. rosenfeld always has your healthy monday tip. you want to stick around for this one. >> eric: and freshman orientation begins as new members of congress arrive in d.c. what is first on their agenda? they are showing up, ready to learn, ready to meet each other, we'll have the latest in a live report, just ahead. let's get chinese.
10:54 am
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at 1-877-38-your-ged, or earn your ged diploma and begin your brighter future. ♪ ♪ >> eric: back now with "sunday housecall" and your host dr. isadore rosenfeld. before we go, the healthy monday tip the doctor gives us every sunday to start the week right. >> this is a practical one. you know, we all like to have a drink. if you're sitting around drinking alcohol, there are a few things that you should avoid with it. the first is non-steroidal
10:58 am
anti-inflammatories, nsaid like ibuprofen, aspirin and so on. the reason not to take those it increases the risk of bleeding in the gut. alcohol and these agents don't do well together. also if you are drinking any substantial amount, take it easy on the tylenol. alcohol and tylenol can affect the liver. avoid anti-histamines that can make you tired anyway and together with the alcohol you may find yourself too sleepy, especially if you plan to drive. if you have a cough and are taking a cough medicine that contains a cough suppress sent like dextrim aphorfrin, you should not take alcohol with it, too.
10:59 am
also, be careful about herbs that sedate you, that relax you. things that help you sleep at night. st. john's wort. they together with alcohol can give you too much sedation. if you are in the -- the same is true for barbiturates and other sedatives. if you are you taking the blood thinner warfarin because you have atryial defib ration to prevent clot -- defibrillation to pro vent clots or whatever, it can affect vulnerabilities to bleeding. if you take painkillers or muscle relaxants be careful taking alcohol. everybody enjoys a drink and enjoys good wine and a good shot but if you are sitting around having these drinks, avoid those medications and products that i discussed. >> jamie: great advice today, doctor. good to see you sunday
11:00 am
morning. thank you. >> eric: doctor, thanks as always. always. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: well, it's move-in day. members of the congressional freshman class, dozens of newly elected members of congress arriving in washington right now to learn the ropes. good morning. i'm eric shawn joined by jamie colby. welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. well, the newly elected lawmakers ready to make history, less than two weeks after their election victories. >> jamie: there is already a battle brewing over loyalty between some republicans and some members of the tea party. in fact, today, there's literally a competition over the new members of congress. malini wilkes is joining us live outside the capitol hill club in washington, where one of the meetings today is taking place. molly, tell us what is going on at your location. >> reporter: well, jamie, first of all, this is freshmen orientation week for all incoming freshmen, democrats
11:01 am
and republicans. it started today. they will learn things like parliamentary procedure, how to set up their offices, security brief, ethics breach, that kind of thing. everybody wants a piece of them and wants them to come to their event or reception. that's one of the controversies today. here is the capitol hill club. there is an event that is sponsored by the clairmont institute, conservative think tanks type of organization. along with the incoming freshmen republicans. they are also part of the sponsorship. the tea party patriots group scheduled a competing eevent. yesterday, they boldly sent out a memo to their members saying don't let them, meaning establishment washington steal our members of congress. it went on to say d.c. insiders, the r.n.c. and lobbyists are already trying to push the etea party aside and coopt the incoming congressmen. the tea party patriots sent out a list of the private e-mails and cell phone numbers of the incoming republican freshmen to their membership.
11:02 am
some of the members were bombarded by calls of the later the tea party patriots apologized and backed off the criticism of this event. they have yet to reveal the time and place of their event, some indication it might be canceled. >> jamie: i should mention we are all over the story. we're at every location where the meetings can take place and we'll be able to give the rundown throughout the day on who is showing up where and what is going on. at your location, we tried to get a peek in the window by your camera man, but in the meantime, what have you seen going on? anyone coming in, going out? >> reporter: no, a slow period here. the event doesn't start for another hour-and-a-half. we have a capitol hill producer chad at the freshmen orientation session, which is sponsored by the house. he caught up with a couple of representatives there. we did talk to representative bill flores of texas. and he says he is going to be attending this event, not the tea party event. we went on to say in the
11:03 am
statement the tea party patriot tactics were inappropriate. the posting of our private cell phone number and e-mail addresses with the trashing of the claremont foundation's reputation were not professional action and disruptive to the individual effort to have effective transition to our elective offices. another freshman representative bill johnson of ohio said the controversy hasn't even registered with him. listen. >> to be honest with you, i didn't pay a lot of attention to the controversy. we've got overlapping events. we've got a lot of demands on our times. i'm going to to to be in as much of everything as i can. >> reporter: so like i said, everybody wants a piece of these guys and we have to see where they show up as the day goes on. >> jamie: malini wilkes, man your post! bring us all the details throughout day. thank you. >> eric: well, the new congressional class definitely has its work cut out for it. the approval rating in congress according to the new gallup poll 17%.
11:04 am
that's right. can you believe it? 17%. that is after the mid-term election. the how do the new guys turn that number around? joining us for debate, dick, former chairman of the south carolina democratic party and brad likeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. dick and brad, welcome this morning to fox news. >> thank you. >> eric: brad, it's unbelievable. 17%. that's lower than it was two weeks ago before the mid-terms. what happened? what do they do about it? >> well, i think what happened is democrats led out of ideology instead of reality. they did what they wanted to do as opposed to what the people needed. the new congress better get with it. a strong message was sent the last election they better put their nose to the grindstone. don't manufacturer crisis when we have one. it's called the economy. we have to get america back to work. if you do that, you're honest, open, transparent and earnest in what you do and you do that which the people want you to do, you'll be successful.
11:05 am
bipartisan is the key to the next congress. >> eric: talk about bipartisan, but we don't hear, we hear talk about that, but we don't see a lot of it or any. >> we have to see it from the president. we've got to see it from the senate. the democrats still control two important aspects of government. the senate and the presidency. yes, we control the house. but it takes two to tango now, and if the president is smart, he would reach out his hands and we'll reach out ours in a compromise to get the economy back to work. >> eric: dick, do you think you will see the president reach out his hands and the republicans reach out theirs? >> i think the president reached out his hand and pulled back enough on most occasions. what i find fascinating about the story, about the party this morning is all of a sudden the tea party folks are coming to washington and instead of drinking tea, they're having cappuccinos and beignets at the parties. democrats and republicans drink from the same cup. brad will agree with me.
11:06 am
i wonder who the 17% is who approves this? they must be drinking something stronger than tea. >> eric: the tea party folks, though, they say they were elect and they know why they're elected and they will drink the tea. not the double lattes. >> that's what they said before they got there. brad and i have been around long enough to see what happens when they do get there. what has got to happen is folks have to wake up and understand in washington that the rest of us out here are hurting economically. we've got to do something about getting our economy together. this is going to have to be bipartisan. i have don't think the president or the republican house or the democratic senate ought to wake up this morning thinking they have a mandate to do anything except get people back to work. and the president has talked about the compromising on extenting the bush tax cut cans. he has talked about compromising a number of different places. the question is going to be whether the republican party has decided this is about the 2012 election or getting things done and moving
11:07 am
forward. and i think brad and i both agree. we've got to get this country moving in the right direction. chinese for one are kicking our butts economically. if they kick it economically soon they will do it militarily. we cannot allow this country to be a second rate country. >> eric: you're raising one of the main issues, fightening pros text. brad, how do we deal with that with the chinese with all the other economic problems we have? >> we have to deal out of strength. the way we do that is coming together as a nation and understanding sacrifice must be spread. the american people are willing to sacrifice provided it's eke it withable that everybody -- equitable. unless we fix our own problems we will be eclipsed by china, india, by russia. by other countries who have looked to us for leadership for so long. we have to get our own act together in order for us to stay the greatest power in this world. we're the last best hope for
11:08 am
this world. we're a democracy. >> eric: 30 seconds left from both of you. how do we get the 17% up? do you think it will increase if the new congress does deal with these issues? >> you have to lead by example. if we do that which the people want us to do, and we do it in respectful way, the approval rating will shoot through the roof. it's not going to be gridlock. we cannot have gridlock in the country anymore. we have to come together for the mutual good. >> i'd agree. brad and i don't agree on much but we agree on that. the deficit reduction commission, controversy in there. it's shared sacrifice and we need to look hard at the recommendations for both the republicans and democrats. nothing should be sacred, social security or defense or taxes. if we can all pull together and make that sacrifice, i think we can remain -- and i believe we are the greatest country in the world and the greatest country for opportunity in the world. and we can remain that. >> eric: all right. we have to save the debate on those three issues for another
11:09 am
time. dick and brad, thank you for joining us on sunday morning. >> thank you. >> jamie: the debate over the expiring bush tax cuts is another big topic on capitol hill today. and sure to continue. here is white house senior advisor david axelrod on "fox news sunday" this morning. >> he is eager to sit down and talk about where we go from here. but the important thing is that we get something done in the next few weeks so that on january 1, people wake up with security that their taxes are not going to go up. >> jamie: he, being willing to sit down, president obama. julie kirtz joining us live from washington. did axelrod say how much the president might give on extenting those bush era tax cuts? >> well, he was careful not to negotiate the dollar amounts, percentage amounts on the show today. but he wouldn't rule out and chris wallace pressed him several times. he wouldn't rule out a temporary extension of the cuts for wealthy americans.
11:10 am
families making over $250,000 a year. he repeated, though, the president's support, of course, for extending the middle class tax cuts. here is how he puts it. >> we cannot afford to go the additional step and permanently raise -- and permanently cut taxes, primarily for millionaires and billionaires at a cost of $700 billion for the next ten years alone. >> so, jamie, walking back a bit from the comments a few days ago, this past wednesday when axelrod telling the huffington post he seemed to say that the white house was ready to gave on taxes. it does look like there is a compromise going to be hammered out. >> jamie: interesting. an important issue, but not the only one that chris wallace spoke to him about. how does david axelrod, senior advisor to the president explain how they will deal with an administration with the new political reality in washington after the mid-terms? >> you know, it will be fascinating to watch. will the obama white house
11:11 am
pull back, shift center as president clinton did in the '90s after the big g.o.p. midterm victory then? but axelrod, the obama white house not saying, you know, this midterm election results and a big republican sweep was really rejection of obama policies, but rather more about the struggling economy and the jobs. axelrod saying the question is not about going left or right now. reaction to the republican victory, but -- here is a favorite white house line. "moving the country forward." jamie? >> republicans, let's get back to the tax cuts for a second before i let you go. if, in fact, there is only a temporary extension of these, will they accept that? do we know? what did he think? >> jim demint on "fox news sunday," some call him senator tea party. he sketched out a possible formula for a deal, extenting the bush era tax cuts for all americans, talking about a temporary extension for the upper income americans.
11:12 am
here is demint. >> we need to remind everyone that we're not talking about cutting taxes. we're talking about keeping current tax rates the same. and i don't think there is any room to negotiate on raising taxes; particularly, on smaller businesses. i hope we can get a permanent extension. if the president wants to compromise on a two or three-year extension. >> so two or three years, possible deal in the works. jamie? >> jamie: senator jim demint, chris' other guest on "fox news sunday." thank you for the preview, julie kirtz. live in washington. >> eric: president obama pushing his nuclear pact in the final hours of the ten-day trip to asia which has now been completed. during the trip, he sat down with dmitry medvedev and president obama saying to get the senate to ratify the new nuclear start treaty is a top priority in this administration. the star treaty which has been pending in the senate for months would reduce limit on strategic warheads to 1550 for each country. right now, the limit is 2200
11:13 am
warheads. the president has returned to the united states from that trip. >> jamie: there are some new reports that iran is planning to flex military muscle once again state run television in tehran is saying the government there will hold nationwide air defense war games this tuesday. and during the drill, iran is also expected to unveil a new radar system that reportedly can detect a missile from 18 miles away. the path to run air defense drills have been tied to the country's attempt to run strike against the nuclear program. we'll watch that one. >> eric: the fox news alert for you now. the u.s. military releasing a new taliban training and recruiting video that raises some serious questions and concerns for the troops in afghanistan. u.s. officials say the video is different in several key ways. higher production values. they say there is a direct appeal for money from the gulf states in southwest asia. they also suspect an eighth
11:14 am
grader may have been used as a homicide bomber in that tape. connor powell, streaming live from kabul, afghanistan, with the latest. what do we know about this tape? >> reporter: well, eric, u.s. commanders have been saying for some time after summer of intense fighting that the taliban are in a weakened state, they are relying on younger and younger fighters, that they are running out of money and there is disorganization and chaos at the lower ranks now. today in the video, that appears to back up to some extent with u.s. and nato commanders saying, there is a plea in the well-produced split video from taliban commander, not to afghan for money but instead to arabs in the middle east, places like saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and indonesia. there is a press for more money not from afghans but from supporters around the world to help the taliban insurgency here. u.s. commanders say it's clear evidence that the taliban are in a weakened state and they have to look further outside
11:15 am
the borders for support. but there has been a long history of taliban receiving support from outside the afghanistan-pakistan region. it's not clear if this is something new, sign of desperation, or another recruiting and financial plea video. now over the past few months, though, u.s. commanders have been talking about the success they've had in clearing places like kandahar and helmand. they say it's further evidence of the continued success of the surge. now there are questions about how serious and how successful this clearing operation has been here recently. some commanders on the ground will tell you they won't know if the surge and the clearing operations are successful until the summertime. they're not sure if the taliban have been cleared out or simply left as the winter weather started to move in to here and afghanistan. as there is, if there wasn't enough confusion today, afghan president hamid karzai told the "washington post" in an interview that he believes the u.s. should begin reducing the operation here in afghanistan.
11:16 am
just further confusion and discord between the united states and afghan president hamid karzai, eric. >> eric: live in afghanistan with the latest on that intriguing tape. thank you. >> jamie: the self-confessed mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. khalid sheikh mohammed yet to be put on trial. we have new developments on whether that will happen soon or not at all. plus, it's a heart-breaking statistic. >> eric: tens of thousands of children will be kidnapped by a family member this year. coming up, federal laws and how they're keeping some parents from key information that could help reunite them with the children. it's an interview jamie will have that you will not want to miss. >> we all watched these pictures. the thick plume of smoke in the sky that caught our attention. it sure looked like a missile. at first no one seemed to know what it was exactly. the government saying just a jetliner. was it? end of story or media overhype? ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used
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>> eric: new developments in israel today, for that country and the future of the mideast
11:21 am
peace talks. prime minister benjamin netanyahu trying to convince the cabinet to approve a plan that could include a temporary settlement freeze. the big sticking point has been israel's plan to build a 1300 to new unit of housing in east jerusalem. but palestinians say they will not eresume peace talks until all construction is halted. sources say the prime minister has already cut a deal with secretary of state hillary clinton to temporarily halt the construction. but will the israeli cabinet back him? dan gillermen is fox news contributor and former u.s. ambassador to the united nations who is a frequent guest on our program. good morning. the first question: do you think there will be a temporary 90-day halt in the construction of this settlement? s>> [ no response ] good morning, eric. it's always good to be with you. the answer, the short answer is yes. i believe there will be a hold. i believe that prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his cabinet will accommodate the
11:22 am
wishes of the president of the united states. but i believe that the crisis weighing today is very much the making of the president of the united states. who i think made two huge mistakes. one, by making the settlements the major and core problem. they're not. the problem is not the settlements. the problem is the settlement. once there is a settlement, it will be taking care of. the second one, we're practicing at the moment is be making the process so public, where everybody is posturing, where it's becoming more a press conference than a negotiation. this should be secret and dealt with, behind closed doors. there are two things in life that shouldn't be done in public. one is to make love, the other one is to make peace. in both cases, it's better for your eyes to be slightly shut and the lights to be slightly dimmed.
11:23 am
here we are, discussing all the aspect of the settlement in public. having the palestinians perched on a high tree. i think it's one very big mistake. i think we will accommodate the president. but many lessons have to be learned to avoid similar crisis in future. >> eric: that was probably one of the most unique examples of the middle east peace that we've ever heard discusseded, in diplomatic circles the way you put it. you have a point i think. secretary of state hillary clinton has given this a year deadline. how does this continue when as you say it's public every single week. you see both sides batting back and forth like a tennis ball when everyone wants at the end some mast peace that both sides can agree on? >> eric, i think you know from your experience at the u.n. and your vast experience of foreign affairs most agreements have been reached
11:24 am
by quiet, discreet discussions. this is a press conference. this is setting a deadline and putting both sides in a difficult decision. as it is, the action of the president for the united states, willing lest or by making a rookie mistake of purging the palestinians on such a high tree. created situation so far delayed what is ongoing for 18 years building in the settlement has been going on. i know president in the past has said privately or publicly that the president of the united states perched him on a high tree and run away with the leather. he asked the president not long ago how can he be more palestinian than the president of the united states?
11:25 am
this is part of the wrong demant for settlement freeze which shouldn't be made in the first place and the public display and declaration and demand made daily. i think it should be put back on a quiet track. where trust is restored and the discussions are held with a real effort of reaching a settlement. the settlement can be reached. i assure you that the israeli government and the prime minister are eager for a settlement. i believe the palestinians are, too. at the end of the day, it's them. the israelis and the palestinians who will have to reach that settlement. we're grateful for the support and for the encouragement of the united states. but this has to be done in totally different way if it has to bear any fruit in the future. >> eric: the first step may be the 90-day temporary halt. when that is announced we'll bring it to you. more negotiations behind
11:26 am
closed doors, not in front of the television. ambassador, good to see you. of course, we have a delay because you're in jerusalem. thank you, sir. >> jamie: thank you, the 9/11 families are waiting for justice to be served and no word yet on where to try the self-confessed mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. why some believe a trial is unlikely to have happen soon. congressman pete hoekstra, the ranking member of the house select committee on intelligence joins us next. >> process is an ongoing one. we are working to make determination about the placement of that trial. i would hope whatever the decision is, it's one that is judged on the merits. . with ortho home defense max. guaranteed to kill the mouse. just push down the lever and it does the rest. nothing to see, nothing to touch.
11:27 am
you just throw it away. no mess, no drama. ortho. defd what's yours.
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>> eric: taking a look at headlines we're following for you now. top obama advisor david
11:31 am
axelrod says he will leave the white house in the first half of next year. he spoke to "fox news sunday" and mr. axelrod won't be going far. he plans to begin working on the president's re-election campaign. the death toll from the volcano, mount merapi in indonesia has rizzen from 250 people or more, the volcano erupted last week burying whole villages. we're happy to be alive, that after somali pirates released a british couple held captive for a year. they were kidnapped in october of 2009 after hijacking their yacht off the coast of've africa. >> jamie: the government initially announcing it's closer to a decision on where the self-professed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks khalid sheikh mohammed would go on trial. civilian court near ground zero, remember? or military tribunal still on the table. it's been nine years since the horrific attack and now a new report that he may not be put
11:32 am
on trial at all. this is very disturbing to the 9/11 families and congressman pete hoekstra, the ranking member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence is here to tell us about that. good to see you, sir. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> jamie: 9/11 families are concerned and a lot of people are concerned because they were initially told there would be swift justice. it seems like we are getting close to a decision where the trial will be including this week when the attorney general eric holder said we're close to deciding. now we are hearing nothing until after the 2012 election and maybe not at all. what can you tell us? >> well, i don't have all the details as to what attorney general holder will decide. not only should the 9/11 families be angry. all of america should be angry. when president obama came in to office, the military tribunal process was underway.
11:33 am
k.s.m. and his conspirators were ready to plead guilty. but they said no, we'll put them in a trial in united states. that's a mistake. now that the attorney general reviewed this for close to a year, probably more than a year, he is now going to announce maybe they're not going to do anything? and this is at a time when the president could really send a strong signal that says we're at war, we're at risk, we're approaching the tenth anniversary and we will treat this as war. the guys will be detained as enemy combatants and when appropriate they will be tried in military tribunals. let's send a clear signal we're taking it serious and we're at war. >> jamie: what can we do about it? >> well, i think as we found out over the last 14, 15 months there is very little that we can do about this. this is a decision that is in the hands of this administration. political leaders, democrats and republicans have all said that this is a bad idea. giving k.s.m. a platform in
11:34 am
the united states and the civilian court is a bad idea. what we need to do is keep the pressure on this administration just like with gitmo and like we have to try to get rid of the artificial deadline withdrawing troops from afghanistan. the president's policies are jeopardizing security and safety of americans. this is just one more decision where the president's lack of decisive action is making us vulnerable. >> >> this case is unique in a sense. i'm speaking as an attorney and also as an american because khalid sheikh mohammed has admitted and even been proud or flaunted that he was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. given that, do you believe that we have the right to hold him forever, even if he is not tried? at least we know he wouldn't tried in a civilian trial. and perhaps released.
11:35 am
>> i think if we put him through a military tribunal, guilty verdict will come back. he's willing to plead guilty to attacks on 9/11. even if we didn't get into this, into a military tribunal, i think we've got the rights and the leverage to hold this guy indefinitely. i hope it means we keep him in detention until he dies. >> jamie: glad to get your thoughts on that. that's raised in the last 24 hours that we could potentially hold him forever. there is a trial going on right now, terror trial in new york. the first guantanamo detainee brought to the united states here and tried. how closely is the administration watching that trial to see whether a verdict is obtained, what it is and what the reaction of americans are? do you think it's factors into attorney general holder and president obama's decision? >> i'm sure it's being factored in. the judge in the case threw
11:36 am
out the significant portions of evidence, because he believes that it was obtained inappropriately. remember, this gitmo detainee is not tried for events at 9/11 or post-9/11. this is about the bombings in africa where we had hundreds of f.b.i. agents and analysts gather the information to prosecute this. the administration thought that this would be a slam dunk case. they found out that it won't, it hasn't been a slam dunk case. i think they are finally starting to recognize putting k.s.m. and post-9/11 al-qaeda members on trial in civilian court, they might lose. so -- >> but there is one difference, sir -- >> it's not bad politics but bad substance. >> jamie: forgive me. one difference you raise. k.s.m. crimes, alleged crimes happened here in the united states. is the administration not then correct in the argument that that trial does belong here in a civilian court?
11:37 am
>> i think this administration looked at a lot of activities as the criminal activities and not acts of war. if it's a criminal activity, you can say sure. the rationale is appropriate to put it in a civilian court. i think from my perspective, these are acts of war. it was an act of war on 9/11. that's why i believe it's more appropriate to put this into a military tribunal. we have captured him on the battlefield overseas. >> jamie: correct. >> as they were planning and plotting war tactic against the united states. clarity, mr. president -- >> jamie: congressman pete hoekstra. thank you for joining us today. i wish we had more time. it's been a pleasure. >> thank you. >> eric: jamie, you hear about the heart-breaking stories all the time. a parent involved in a custody dispute takes off with the child. living in secret for months or even years. why a new report, privacy laws can prevent police tracking down missing children.
11:38 am
talk of the town and the nation. that video of the so-called mystery missile. there it goes! the government says it was probably a jet trail. did the media overhype this? or is there more? ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm a rocket man ♪ rocket man ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] ntgomery and abigail haggins had a tree that borthe most rare and magical fruit, which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had gen its last. butith their raymond james finanal advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. ♪ and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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introducing total plus omega-3 honey almond flax cereal. all the nutrition of total, plu10% daily value omega-3 ala, and a delicious honey almond crunch. new total plus omega-3. coming up live from washington, senator elect rand paul joins us to talk about earmarks, term limit and the tricky relationship between the tea etea and the g.o.p. establishment. plus, increased security for you at the airport. where is the line between your safety and your privacy. also, you're going to meet a former marine taking bold steps to raise awareness for all of our vets who are suffering. those stories plus the breaking headlines at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪
11:43 am
>> jamie: if you are the parent of a missing child, the search can be absolutely agonizing. even when your child has been taken by an estranged spouse or family member that you know cares about them. it happens a lot. 200,000 family abductions happen every year. 12,000 of those cases linger on for more than six months. now a "new york times" report claims the i.r.s., the interim revenue service has -- internal revenue service has information to help parents find the missing children, but the parents can't get access to it. our guest is ernie allen, president and ceo of the national center for missing and exploiting children. good to see you. >> good to see you, jamie. >> jamie: we want to do everything we can to help parents find the missing kids. these particular cases make the connection for us. it hear you agree that the i.r.s. does have information that can be helpful. >> jamie, there's no question about it. they just did a study looking at many of these cases and
11:44 am
found that these abductors, abductors who have felony warrants for their arrest and are trying to hide in plain view are filing tax returns and listing the child they abducted as a dependent on the return showing their social security numbers. because of privacy law and privacy protections, law enforcement can't get access to that data. >> jamie: as i understand it, the parent who abducts as you explain puts the child as a dependent and there is a social security match. so when the parent who is missing the child puts the number down and the child is a dependent, the i.r.s. makes a match and even notifies the parent looking for the child that they can't claim the ededuction, because the other parent has done it or a family member has done it. so the parent knows the child is out there. and the i.r.s. has what information? address, location, job? what do they knowbout the other parent or family member? >> they have a variety of
11:45 am
information. most basic, they know where the abductor is. there is an address on the tax form. they are filing the returns. the reason they're not providing the information is because of privacy law. we understand that. however there are protections like returning the tax return for federal benefit but not for child abduction. again -- >> jamie: how do we get it changed, ernie? >> apparently it will take a change in the law. we have worked with the i.r.s. the i.r.s. i think is sympathetic. they' they've ran the test on the cases. i think the law is going to have to be amended. hundreds of children can be brought home, hundreds of abductors who have existing warrants for their arrest can be identified and apprehended. we need to change this. >> it's interesting because
11:46 am
it's not like they're not already within the system. there is a warrant for their arrest for the abduction, the i.r.s. is a federal agency, they know where they are and they can't get the two together. law enforcement and then. in 2004, a former senator tried to get it changed. what message do you have for the lawmakers now on what they need to do and how much it would mean to the parents who are missing children? >> our message to lawmakers is this is basic common sense. everybody is in favor of privacy protections for this kind of information. but this is a narrow exception. that would provide hope for the searching parents and bring hundreds of children home. >> jamie: learned about the story, we wanted to bring it to everyone's attention and i thank you for joining us and for the work your organization does to reunite parents with the missing children. thank you, ernie. >> thank you, jamie. >> eric: rand paul, you know, hasn't even been sworn in yet
11:47 am
as kentucky's junior senator but is already making plans to shake things up on capitol hill. everything from earmarks to tax cut and future of the tea party. rand paul with more just ahead. >> we've come to take our government back. [ applause ] can turn the everydy into romantic. ♪ an accidental touch can turn rdinary into sething more. moments can change anytime -- just like that. and when they do men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. alis for daily use is a clinically proven, low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready ytime the mome is right. tell your door about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache, or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediateedical help
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>> eric: for the younger generation, legacy of world war ii is what they see in the movies. now online museum is gathering the story of veterans from world war ii to the present so we don't forget. elizabeth prann is live from atlanta with the latest. hi, elizabeth. what is this about? >> reporter: hard to believe but a world war ii vet dies every 90 seconds, which is why there is a push to preserve the stories while we can. one atlanta man is using technology to do justthat. take a look. six decades passed since bob dropped out of college to defend our country. >> we were all just a bunch of kids fighting in europe and likewise, the germans for the same way. >> one of more than 16 million americans who fought in world war ii between 1941 and 1945. more than 400,000 never came home. >> one of those might have been able to cure cancer.
11:52 am
or one of those might have done some fabulous things that will never happen because we killed them off in a war. >> reporter: now the ones who did survive are dying. >> old-timers like me are getting too old and dying off. >> every 90 seconds, a world war ii veteran passes away. that statistic is why tom beady founded "witness to war" in 2002. it's a documentary project capturing the memories of an aging generation of heroes before it's too late. >> they can hear from the veterans themselves what it's like to be there. why it's so cold. you how frightening it was to hear rumble of german tankses. >> they were the greatest generation. thank you so much. >> they were. >> jamie: remember this? the video of the so-called mystery missile streaking through the sky off the west coast. the government said it's probably a jet.
11:53 am
how did the media react to this bizarre event? author and journalist liz trotta gives her take next. ♪ [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having fun at what you do, then you've got the wrong job. my landingas better than yours. no, it wasn't. yes, it was. was not.
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11:56 am
>> well, the government says it was a jet. others still don't buy it, insisting it may have been a missile. the so-called mystery missile off the coast of southern california, media hype or unanswered questions? liz trotta is an author, journalist and fox news contributor who joins us every sunday with her commentary.
11:57 am
good morning, liz. >> good morning. >> eric: how did the media deal with this? >> in the middle of the serious issues we have in the world the most traffic on the internet had to be what was it in the sky 35 miles off the coast of los angeles, california? let me give you some of the theories. this started with wcbs station out there. from the helicopter. filming this, what looked like a con trail. you know, going up into the sky. right at daybreak. the theories advanced so far -- ready for this -- u.s. missile test that failed or was accidental or was real. iranian subbe mrooep test, north korean test, weather balloon, alien landing, u.s. airline flight 808, honolulu to phoenix, optical
11:58 am
illusion, contrails, spy satellite launching, planet venus arrives in the morning sky. i think i like that one the best because it's the most poetic. let's look at what some of the press says. pravda, yes, they're still watching. the former soviet watcher. oddly enough she says -- >> whatever it was, they had the u.s. military and department of defense scrambling to what it was and why they knew something with all of the latest technology available to them. they finally decided to go ahead with the airplane story." that is pretty much what happened. all the defense agencies said they don't know what it was. or is, as the case may be. two of agencies, one of which
11:59 am
is norad and the north american air defense command and all of these people said well, it's not, there is no danger. it was not an attack from the outside. so it's interesting that they can tell you what it isn't, but they don't know what it is. >> you know, the pentagon says there is no evidence to suggest it was anything other than an aircraft. you had the list but you forgot one thing on the list i heard. >> what was that? >> i heard on the radio saying it was a chinese submarine. look, it's 35 miles out. 35. the international waters end or start at 12 miles out. >> so much for our defense system, right? >> you got all sorts of things here going on. >> exactly. >> one of my favorite headlines appeared at a blog and it was a report from china. chinese village disappears following u.s. sighting. apparently the order of event purple flash in


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